Location: The Prince Deck
Photography: Hikari Photography

When I was approached by Belinda & Chris the first word that came to mind was 'Wow'. A young good looking couple who were fun, funky and on trend. Loved everything about them. Their trust in me was refreshing we connected immediately we were speaking the same language.

Chris was simply a super cool dude and we had to bring that element to the forefront immediately. So I asked what he intended to wear on the wedding day, what was his personal style, from here the concept was born. Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, but that is the beauty of exploring the couples personalities and getting to know who they really are on a day to day basis.

We all want to deliver the best wedding aesthetic but being true to the couple and working with their budget to achieve the best possible result is where most of the challenges lies. With this couple budget was the first thing we ticked off the list so it made way for smooth sailing.

A mood board was born with every intention of developing it over time. Some of the key elements were refined closer to the date but the main objectives were never out of mind.

The colour palette, white, grey & navy became the base foundation and then acrylic was the choice of material. Featured in this wedding were acrylic vases, acrylic signage, acrylic flower towers, acrylic wishing well and of course the acrylic bridal table.