Location: Metroplis Events
Photos: Hikari Photography

Natalie was very clear about what she wanted, three words - Romantic, Luxe & Glam. Three favourite flowers - Peony, Hydrangea & Phalaenopsis Orchids. Leading up to the wedding we had a week of heavy rainfall really putting some concern on whether the Peony would be an inclusion, but they came through and we had a very happy bride and let me tell you a happy florist too!!

The execution becomes easy when you know you have all the components to work with, mother nature can be kind but she can also be unpredictable.

Metropolis the perfect location for a little bit of glam. We arrived onsite Lydia and I worked on the ceremony installation. Kristy and Sophie straight onto the guest tables and the bridal table.

The ceremony installation was simple but very luxurious, our two tall acrylic towers created the backdrop. Light flooded through the tall windows making the acrylic towers almost disappear bringing to life the abundant flowers - they seemed to float in the space...filled with peony, roses, hydrangea and cascading phalaenopsis orchids with a touch of foliage to create some outline.

The tables we used gold mirror risers turned into vessels with matching flowers and then phalaenopsis orchids spilling in a group from the corner of the box surrounded with gold mercury votives...