Location: The Glasshouse
Photos: Hikari Photography

When Olivia came to me she knew exactly what she wanted. The brief was white with blush pink and hints of rose gold. She had already booked the rose gold towers and bridal table structure, so that was the foundation we worked with. Towers have been very popular and are used to gain height but typically used with lots of foliage cascading, Olivia didn't want to have any foliage at all showing through the floral arrangements so it made it very difficult to top the towers with a floral arrangement and they look substantial so we had to think outside the box....

I developed a concept that would be unique to Olivia and Pellegrino, fluffy clouds of Hydrangea and Peony came to mind. Alternating tables some with tall arrangements some with low arrangements. A floral runner across the main table with matching entrance table and foyer arrangements. Behind the main table was a floral set in place embellished with matching blooms.

A treat for the guests, we arrived at Glasshouse just a little after 10pm to begin to remove the two large floral vase ensemble displays in the foyer where there were approximately 200 bunches of flowers used to create them. We wrapped the flowers ready for the guest to take home with them on their exit from the venue.