Location: Melbourne Flower Merchant
Photography: Ali Mayfield

A contemporary take on Wizard of Oz. Dorothy's journey was to follow the yellow brick road through the forest, then the flower fields and finally she entered the gates of Emerald City.

The client wanted her guests to experience a culinary journey inspired by the enchanting adventures of Dorothy through the land of Oz.

Our Curator aka Oz, went to work and wrote the story for the guest's journey. They followed the yellow brick road through the forest of city buildings in search for Emerald City. Along the way they discovered the enchanted forest - a clear acrylic table encased with a forest of ferns made the perfect table scape for the intimate dinner. The culinary journey was enchanting, filled with magic and fantasy. Not everything was as it seemed.

A touch of luxury, velvet chairs, crystal cut glassware and an opulent chandelier …. it seemed familiar.... Emerald City was not too far away...…. ....there was no place like Oz.....