Location: The Substation
Photos: Hikari Photography

It's was so beautiful to see Leo tie the knot, his infectious smile melted my heart every time and let me tell you Ourania was a lucky Bride, Leo was so heavily involved throughout the whole process taking immense pride in every detail of the wedding and the result of this commitment was absolute perfection. I remember receiving the brief from Bel Co Events – they lead the way with the initial concept, sourcing of props, styling and management of the entire day. Our role was to help develop the floral concept, colour palette and overhead installations.

We tweaked the colour palette considerably, simplified it to a more tonal palette with a moody undertone. Mixing foliage for colour and texture enhancement was a key part of the floral displays. We selected flowers that provide a full opulent look rather than the gathered together style more typical with industrial / vintage weddings. Less is more did not apply here we wanted it to feel more so the introduction of ruby peony worked well. We selected vessels that were mismatched and eclectic but together told the same story.

The overhead installations were simple swings suspended by rope. We had the boards stained black underneath to work in with the industrial elements of the Substation with accents of black throughout the wedding. The biggest challenge was the red drapes, making sure that the colour palette embellished the red drapes rather than become focal and disconnected and I am pleased with the outcome. We enjoyed the collaboration great results all round and a happy couple.