Location: Plaza Ballroom
Photos: Hikari Photography

It was a full house at the Plaza Ballroom and although the guest tables are important the Bridal Table was the feature for this wedding. Almost 11 meters long one of our industry growers wanted his daughter to fill like a princess. The Bridal Table was adorned with flowers from one end to the other. An opulent backdrop comes natural at the Plaza Ballroom, but the floral runner had to be just as beautiful without taking away from the Plaza Ballroom personality. Lilac, pink and white were the colours of choice and he wanted to see the prettiest of gardens along the Bridal Table so that is what we delivered. Sweet Pea, Roses, Jasmine, Orchids, Tulips, Snapdragons and silver suede amongst the garden.

On the guest tables the signature Plaza Ballroom gold candelabras stood tall with a matching mini garden set at the base arranged from small clear rose bowls that the guests were treated to as a take home gift.