Location: Plaza Ballroom
Photography: Hikari Photography

Madly, Truly, Deeply Part 3

The theme for Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2018 was all about Community. Marriners Group are renowned for taking their guests on a gastronomic sensory experience and 2018 Madly Truly Deeply was no exception. The Chefs led by Executive Chef David Ricardo specialise in contemporary dining based around Melbourne's food culture. We wanted use this as a basis for inspiration when we designed this event.

Traditionally canapes and drinks on arrival is what guests would expect, but when we sat down with the Marriners team it quickly became apparent that it needed to be more about creating a sensory journey for the guests from the onset. Keeping the MFWF theme in mind we decided to create a Community Market Hub in what would have been the pre drinks area.

Guests arrived to a fully activated gathering where they were greeted by the Marriners culinary team at four food stations. The food stations highlighted key ingredients and select produce through a hero canape or tasting . From a Fishmongers stand and a Fruit & Vege Market Stall to the Chauteurie Station and Roof Top Honey Tasting Bar. All four stands created perfect interactive experience where guests could learn more about the magnificent produce on offer.

Sheer curtains defined the space from the Community Market to the communal Dining Hall where guests finally embarked on a gastronomic sensory journey for the evening.

The tables were adorned with centrepieces that were made from a combination of fresh produce and flowers and feature Edible Garden centrepieces were made by the Chef's team. Acrylic tanks were custom made for the edible garden features. 100% edible soil and blanched vegetables were the talk of the tables, guests embracing the creative talents of the chefs, truly a remarkable experience for the guests.